Local Government Supervisory Essentials

Overcome the many challenges you may encounter when hiring and onboarding a new supervisor, and set the groundwork for a successful transition within the first 90 days






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Course Overview

With tightening budgets and increased workloads, the skills and expertise of your existing staff and managers are a valuable resource that must be developed through practical, multi-faceted training and mentoring.




With new challenges and responsibilities, a new supervisor or manager will excel if accompanied by the proper resources to aid their success. One of the resources available is this Local Government Supervisory Essentials course, which will help navigate you through some of the challenges and growing pains that come with accepting a new professional role. Our hope is that this course will provide you with opportunities.

Learning Path

This is an overview of the key skills supervisors need. This is the section listing out the objectives of the course and what participants can gain from taking this course.

This course shares methods to help participants deal with the transition to a supervisory role.

A supervisor has responsibilities to employees, management, and themselves. This session discusses those areas of a supervisor’s role.

​​This course deals with how to balance priorities in a supervisory role using the action-centered model developed by John Adair.

Planning is a vital part of a successful supervisor’s role. Rather than being adrift on a sea of indecision, planning can help a supervisor to success. This course looks at ideas regarding plans, how to use the Urgent-Important Matrix to help develop a plan, a planning case study, the elements of planning, and planning tools.

The steps between dreaming and achieving involve setting goals and taking action. This module goes through the SPIRIT acronym for participants to learn how to break down goals into several small, achievable goals that will help them get where they want to go.

This course looks at different facets of leadership through a history of various leadership studies. Then, participants will explore the theory of leadership styles.

This module goes into the Situational Leadership Model and different styles of leadership, it also checks into our comfort zone as leaders.

What’s your type? How about mine? Students will complete a self-assessment to help them identify their leadership style.

This module looks at the stages of team development, moving a team through those stages, team problem solving, and team leadership.

Communication skills are important for any successful supervisor. Students will define communication and communication barriers. They will also learn about listening and questioning skills. The unit wraps up with information on probing techniques and the communication process itself.

Motivating employees often falls upon on the shoulders of their supervisor. This unit discusses different motivation techniques that students may apply in their workplace.

This course looks at orientation and onboarding and the differences between the two. It also guides participants on how to create an effective onboarding and orientation in their workplace.

One of the jobs of a supervisor is giving feedback to employees. This session covers the six characteristics of effective feedback as well as receiving feedback.

Delegation is more than just unloading tasks you don’t want to do as a supervisor. In this unit, we will define what delegation is.

This unit looks at the conflict resolution process and the problem-solving process.

This unit concludes with a study of disciplinary issues from a supervisor’s point of view, including what is discipline, meeting with an employee for disciplinary purpose, and a sample discipline checklist. 

At the end of the course, students will have an opportunity to fill out an action plan for their upcoming days as a supervisor. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Designed specifically for local government, CivicExcellence e-Learning is the next generation in training, combining live calls with experienced instructors with video, interactive exercises and much more.

CivicExcellence e-Learning offers instant access to training that can improve both your individual performance, and that of your local government, all from your desk, and at your own pace.

​CivicExcellence courses are created to keep you engaged, and go well beyond the basics of voice-over slides. Our courses are delivered in bite-sized modules that you can review at your own pace.

Each module features a variety of tools to inform and engage learners, such as assessments, quizzes, exercises and downloadable worksheets. Once you are registered, you simply click on the link to your course to view the modules, watch the presentation or video, and do an exercise, take a quiz or download a worksheet.

​Courses are designed around the way you learn. They are available on any desktop or laptop computer, and fully adapted for mobile and tablet so you can access your courses, your way.

Computer skills are very moderate – the course is flexible to access from laptop, mobile phone, or tablet. Some typing is necessary as there are exercises and forum discussions, but there’s no need for perfect grammar as this is about continued learning and growth.

​The course is self-directed and can be done at each students own pace, within 12 months of purchase.

It depends on the course. Course length varies by topic and the number of modules needed to present the information in an informative and engaging way. 

Courses are broken down into a series of modules that can take anywhere from a few minutes to about 10 to 15 minutes, allowing you to fit learning into even the most demanding schedule. 

Each course also includes forum discussions and exercises, which time will vary between students.

Our seasoned instructors are selected based on their deep knowledge of local government and experience in teaching webinars and workshops, consulting and facilitating. We’ll provide insight into the unique world of local government from an employee and an elected point of view.

Individual courses can be paid for by the charge card of your choice. Multiple registrations can be paid by choosing a group enrollment pricing and pay by debit or credit card. We can also send an invoice when you fill out this form.

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